Welcome!  This site served as my reappointment portfolio for my position at SUNY Cortland. I’m currently deciding how the site might be utilized to communicate with colleagues, friends, students and others with similar interests.

for portfolioEvidence for reviews # 1 (fall 2013) – #4 (Fall 2018) are found under the tabs. Place the cursor over any of the headings and tabs for Review 2  (Sept 2015 ) and 3 (Sept 2017) will also become visible.  However, many portions are password protected for confidentiality.

I appreciate being part of the FSA faculty and contributing to our department vision of “… an equitable and just world, where the needs of all people are heard, valued, and met”.

Maria T. Timberlake, Associate Professor in Foundations & Social Advocacy.

Current Vita:Vita Timberlake July 2019